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Randal Betz, MD Joins PathKeeper's Clinical Advisory Board!

PathKeeper is honored to announce the addition of Dr. Randal Betz as a clinical advisor.

Dr. Betz is a world renowned and well respected leader in the spinal surgery community.

Some of his impressive accomplishments include:

-Former Chief of Staff at Shriners Children's - Philadelphia (2000 - 2012)

-Medical Director of the spinal cord injury program at Shriners from 1983 - 2014

-Scoliosis Research Society member since 1986 and served as President in 2005

Received a Lifetime Achievement Award from both SRS and the American Spinal Injury Association

-Co-founded multiple spine clinical study groups -Received upwards of $16 million in institutional grants -Co-authored 20 textbooks and is named in multiple patents

Dr. Betz currently serves as a pediatric surgeon at the Institute for Spine and Scoliosis in New Jersey. We look forward to gaining from Dr. Betz's invaluable expertise and collaborating together to change the face of spinal surgery and especially adding additional safety to screw placement in pediatric spine surgeries.

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