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PathKeeper is an Israeli-based startup company that has established a solution to combat the high failure rates seen in spinal surgeries.

PathKeeper was founded in 2018 by Mr. Erez Lampert, a top 3D medical imaging expert with more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare and aerospace industries, and a proven track record in the field of 3D imaging.


Erez previously served as the R&D leader for the Itero Element Intraoral Scanner for Align Technology (Invisalign), the leading 3D dental scanner in the world today.  Dr. Josh Schroeder is the Director of Spinal Deformities at Hadassah Medical Center and a HSS fellow, has been a major clinical advisor since the establishment of the company.

The combination of knowledge and experiences of Erez and Josh helped in development of an innovative navigation system that outperforms existing solutions.

Dan J. Gelvan, PhD

CEO  T-syte


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The PathKeeper is dedicated to improving outcomes (fewer complications, reduced pain, faster recovery, and improved long-term results) for the many patients around the world that require spinal surgery.  Thus, navigation-guided surgery is available to any patient in any size of operation room.

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PathKeeper works with world renowned orthopedic surgeons and has developed a platform that overcomes the barriers that limit today’s robotic systems. The system was developed with a distinct understanding of what today’s systems lack and what is needed to offer a safer and more accurate surgical experience for all.

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The 'free-hand' technique is the most prevalent approach in spinal surgery and requires physicians to take X-ray images throughout the operation in order to accurately place the surgical screws. The main shortfall of this method is high dependency on the physician's skill, and screw placement errors can occur 20% - 30% of the time.

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The proprietary technology is capable of providing high placement accuracy by combining a proprietary 3D laser camera with state-of-the-art software that tracks the anatomy and surgical tools and provides guidance. The anatomical map is updated rapidly, and the surgeon can reregister, if necessary, with the click of a button



A major differentiator of the PathKeeper platform is that it does not require radiation intraoperatively. This creates a radiation-free, operational environment which ensures safer surgeries for patients and staff.


The platform reduces surgery time with its quick and easy tool calibration and registration process. The system also doesn't require radiation intraoperatively which is an additional time saver.

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Disclaimer: The Pathkeeper system is not available for sale in the European Union

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