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PathKeeper Finds a New Home!

Two years ago, pre-corona, and as a fledgling startup in the pre-prototype stage, Dr. Dan Gelvan decided to invest in us. Having just finished Hadassah's IBM accelerator, and learned valuable lessons from our time with Hadassah, we were looking for a new space to expand and grow our business with optimal guidance to meet our business's goals.

Dan's investment and invitation to grow under T-syte's roof did just that. We spent two years with T-syte and received invaluable advice and support from Dan and his team.

In that time our startup grew exponentially. We ran multiple successful cadaver labs in many hospitals and labs worldwide, and are now ready for the next step.

Our product is in a new stage of clinical testing, and is getting ready for regulatory clearance.

At this stage we bid goodbye to T-syte, to Dan and his team who graciously hosted us and supported us in our journey to be where we are today.

Sunday, December 26th 2021, we enter our new office. We are ready to start the next stage in our journey and continue growing and expanding in our new headquarters.

To T-syte, Dan and the team, THANK YOU! We learned and grew so much with you.

We look forward to continuing our journey in our new home.

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