Optics MISS Project


Rewarded by the Horizon 2020 grant and the EU Commission

PathKeeper Surgical, formerly known as Deep Health, has been chosen

as the Horizon 2020 EU grant winner of 2.5 million Euro for our Optics MISS project. The project was rewarded and is partially funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 grant and offers support to enable achievement of market objectives and goals. 

The Optics MISS project offers real-time tracking navigation for spinal surgeries as well as minimally invasive procedures.

Navigation precision is determinant in spine surgery as the success of the intervention depends on a few millimetres. Existing navigation systems create the anatomical map only at the beginning of the operation and follow the movement of only the surgical tool. The EU-funded Optics-MISS project proposes the implementation of Deep Health’s 'Spine Navigation System', which uses 3D cameras and AI-based algorithms to automatically register patients by obtaining their preoperative spine CT and MRI scans. Once patient registration has been completed, the surgeon is provided with real-time details of the targeted anatomy. Image-guided surgery eliminates the risk of damage and leads to safer and more successful results. This is the first and only system that tracks the patient's anatomy in real time. Additional project details such as the project roadmap and grant agreement information are seen in the below images. 


Optical Real-Time Anatomical Tracking for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery


We are grateful for this opportunity and are looking forward to expanding our horizons with this award.